Texting Team Shift Sign-up

Please select the day that you would like to send texts. Be sure that on the day of your assignment, you have about 15-20 minutes in the afternoon to send the initial messages and then time throughout the rest of the day to send responses. Most of the time, texting assignments will be ready to go around 2:00 pm CST. You do not need to begin your shift exactly at that time. If you cannot send your messages until later in the afternoon, that is fine!

If you haven’t texted with us before, you can get started at here
On the morning of your first shift please expect a quick 5 minute call from a texting team manager - they know the program really well and will touch base with you before you get started.

Same day shift sign ups will close at around 1pm each day, if you have some new availability on a given day, please feel free to head over to the #texting channel in Slack to request some texts and we’ll get them right to you. See you there!